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Album 255
(Translated b
y Natalia)


We keep on walking around Karelia. Today we'll visit waterfall "Kivach" on Suna river.


"The State nature reservation KIVACH"
The limits of reservation area.
4 kilometers to waterfall.
Stopping and staying in the forest is forbidden!"

The reservation established in 1931, it's area about 12x14 kilometers.

The waterfall is situated at the area of reservation with the same name; about 60 kilometers far from Petrozavodsk and about 500 km far from St.Petersburg.
The weather wasn't good, but then there were no tourists (except 2 buses that arrived later).
The way down to waterfall

Here's it

I've seen a notice that this is the one of the largest plain falls of the Europe. I guess, "plain" - is the keyword :)

But it looks really imposing. Height of falling of water - 11 meters

Earlier the wood was drifted here.

At that days it's been more full-flowing, but then the hydroelectric power station in Girvas was built and most of water has gone there.

The Suna river behind the waterfall.

It's curious that all the trees, from which the pretty view to waterfall could open, have no knots at the bottom (they sawed away : )

However, we shall rise again upward…

The resevation museum workers lives in this house.

Obviously, the complexly coloured cat tells the owners when to open the museum for tourists (it was closed and they opened it especially for us).

Next to waterfall grows different kinds of trees (those, which can grow in northern climate)

It calls "arboretum"

The famous "Karelian birch"

From usual it differs with lots of outgrowths, which in a cut gives figures reminding of marble.

It's a kind of "Birch warty ". Usually it's height about 5-7 meters.
Grows in Karelia, Baltic areas, Belarus.

The monument to Great Patriotic War heroes

Local museum of nature.

It's quite interesting.
There exhibits nests of different birds, insects, mushrooms, photos of neighbourhoods in all seasons, part of the forest with stuffed animals and trees.

In next album we'll keep on travel around Karelia.




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