Wandering Camera

Album 254
(Translated b
y Polina Korchagina)


Several hundred albums ago we visited Petrozavodsk - a capital of Karelia
Now we here again to watch the city anniversary celebration
Petrozavodsk was founded by Peter the I in 1703, just like St Petersburg. This weekend, on 28th and 29th of June, it celebrated its 300th anniversary


Hotel "Severnaya"
(The best in the city, as far as I know)
There's an emblem of Petrozavodsk 300th anniversary celebration
A sculpture in a "modern art" style :)

Was fixed up recently.

Lenin Prospect is the Petrazavodsk main street

There are a lot of people there

A part of them are going to the quay, another part are returning from it
Onezhskoe lake quay
The main celebration is here
It's interesting that in Petrozavodsk even in bad weather, the sky over the lake is often clear.
For the city anniversary the quay was broadened
Some people celebrate, some people have to work.

(The boat is called stardust)

A huge seagull and a small girl
The electricity goes from the birch tree only for celebration :)
On the whole I must say that the celebration look very good and descent, although more modest that in St Petersburg. It's clear why.




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