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These days St. Petersburg celebrates its three-hundredth anniversary. The celebration has been going on for several days already. Lots of monuments and historical buildings were restored. I won't take pictures of all that restored things, but some shots of what I came across you will see.


26th of May. A boat race
An inscription on the flag says: "20", "Standard"
Everything that was said about the three-hundredth anniversary in mass media turned out to be untrue. 

Of course, when someone of officials drove through the city the traffic was stopped. But it didn't cause any trouble.

Many policemen and soldiers were brought from the different regions of Russia to keep order

The Stock Exchange building was also restored
Now he'll tie his laces tight and will swim :)
28th of May between Dvortsovii and Troitskii bridges a performance with sailing ships, boats and small crafts took place. It was accompanied with cannon fire and staff.

Lots of people came there to watch it, so it was impossible to see anything no matter how tall you were.

I shot these two pictures holding my camera above my head

This is a frigate "Standart"
The Peter and Paul Fortress was painted in a suitable colour.
I'll tell you about it later.
Near the Troitskii bridge. According to mass media there was about million and a half people.
Spectators on the balcony of "House of political convicts" (It also was renovated)
The festival is at its height
Everyone is trying to see anything. Later, at night, a laser show took place, but we didn't watch it because it was impossible to see anything

Instead we watched a live broadcast of the show. We didn't like it. They say that the smoke, that was illuminated by the laser, was blown away by the strong wind all the time. Anyway, we missed usual fireworks.

For the three-hundredth anniversary near the Troitskii bridge a Troitskaya chapel was built on the place where a church used to be. It was demolished in 1929 and the Leningrad Scientific Research Institute was built there.
They decided that a chapel would be enough.

As I mentioned before, in the album about the Troitskii cathedral, the dome of the chapel is too striking, especially from the other bank of Neva. From this bank it looks rather modest.

Architects: Alexander Kitsula, Aleksey Mihalichev and Gleb Ribakov.
The chapel is 15 meters high.

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