Wandering Camera

Album 245
(Translated b
y Polina Korchagina)


 On the 31th of May from 2 pm a military orchestra parade marshed along the Nevskii prospect (from pl. Vosstaniya to Kazanskii cathedral)


These parades take place every year.

Those one is eighth one
It provoked people's interest like in the last year

20 orchestras (7 of them were foreign ones) participated in this parade. All in all there were about one thousand musicians
"Russia", "MMC"

"MMC" is a military musical college

It might be an orchestra of Netherlands marines
A cadet from the cordon
he's cold because this side of Nevskii prospect is shady.
The spectators. Men on the right want to see everything and to drink beer at the same time. And they succeed :) By the way, after 27th of May all lacks like lacks of litter-bins in the center of the city were corrected
"Admiralty orchestra"
Russian Navy
Again they are
Orchestra of Ukraine armed forces
Russia. Also Navy orthestra but another one
The reflection of the Nevskii prospect and St. Catherine cathedral (opposit which we were staying)
"The representative orchestra of the Swiss army"
Apparently, the Swedes (they had a picture of 3 crowns inside a circle on their drums)
"The orchestra of Byelorussian domestic forces"

The inscription on the stripe:
"Byelorussia. Domestic forces of MIS"

MIS is the analog of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Department of the Interior (USA), Home Office (UK))

"The orchestra of Finnish defensive forces"
Apperantly, the Italians.

Caused public censure and were hiss off because they stopped playing when they were passing by the St Catherine cathedral (is it prohibited by the catholic religion?)

The indcription on the jacket
?amento salerno"

The Great Britain
Again they are.

By the way they look like Englishmen :)

Children's orchestra
The end of the parade. Releasing of balloons.

The musicians go behind the Kazanskii cathedral to warm themselves, to drink and to have a snack :)

The project still needs people who can translate albums into English.



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