Wandering Camera

Album 219
(Translated by
Dmitry Yakimov)


I suggest to visit again Ozerki, but not in the winter as it was last time, and during more colourful period of time - in the autumn.


To remind, Ozerki is the district around three lakes - Bottom, Top and
Middle (Niznee, Verhnee and Srednee). All of them are connected with channels or pipes.
In this album we will explore the coast of the Top lake, middle sized
- 450x600 meters and interesting by it's depth - in the middle of lake it is less deep than near coast. 

By the way, it absolutely near to underground "Ozerki". 

The biggest (Bottom) lake was known as Suzdal (once on its western coast there was a village based by immigrants from the Suzdal district of the Vladimir province). 
However now all three lakes are called "Suzdal". 
Wildness of colours...
СToday there is cold and the strong wind blows so there are a very few people.
.. Almost...
Original picture. Actually, I have flipped the image - so it looks much better :)
Autumn leaves in a pond
As russians say - " to count ravens" :)
Thats all for now



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