Wandering Camera

Album 220
(Translated by
Dmitry Yakimov)


Certainly, we already were in Summer (Letnij) garden. But we will be coming back again and again, especially in a such good weather for shootings, as today.. 


By the autumn not only Ozerki, but also trees of the Summer garden have painted themselves with brighter colors. 
The Carpiev pond. 

Swans have already departed to winter boxes :)

"Avenue of Old Lindens" or "Avenue Lebjazhja". 

At the left - Lebjazhja kanavka.

Poses :)
Summer garden - one of many places of congestions of artists..
Process is supervised strictly by a statue
On a background there is a flower-bed seen, not far from Lebjazhja kanavka.
The avenue Rossi leading to the Coffee house (design by Rossi)
It is seen right behind the trees.
Bust of some architect, I think. Maybe that is Charles Rossi?
Behind this tree the river Fontanka runs.
Lattice on the side of Neva. 

Restored, by the way.

"The Neva avenue" along this lattice.

In the distance the house on opposite coast "Lebjazhjej kanavki" is seen.

Girls pass the Prachechny bridge (across Fontanka).

In the foreground - a lattice "fan".

Tea small house.
they were asking me for such long time to add it, that I decided to :)

It is constructed in 1827 under the project of architect L.I.Sharlemanja.
Despite of it's monumental exterior, it is of wood.

Now in it there is an exhibition - sale of something, apparently.

Lantern on the First Engineering bridge (across river Moika)



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