Wandering Camera

Album 202
(Translated by
Larissa Rogacheva)


Today we are in Petergoff.
More precisely next to Peter and Paul Cathedral, which I mentioned some time ago in one of winter albums.


СThe Cathedral is situated not far from Petergoff's road on the left-hand side (if you going from St-Petersburg)
It was built in 1895-1904 by the project of architects N.Sultanov and V. Kosiakov.

It belongs to the same NeoRussian or PseudoRussian architectural trend as the Cathedral on the Spilled Blood in St-Petersburg.

Before the Cathedral an architect Sultanov was virtually unknown, but He was very active as a researcher and enthusiast of early Russian architecture. In this field he somehow came into the light of Tsar Alexander's III attention.
The result is in front of you.

The Cathedral is about 80 m tall.

The stylized lamp is adorning one of the porches.

The viewer sent very interesting story to me:

During the war the Nazis observers used the cathedrals elevation for directing the fire. So Russian Navy in Kronstadt was trying to destroy it for some time. The most amusing is the fact that the very same person who use to direct the Russian artillery was in tern put in charge of the cathedrals restoration after the war.

The electricity transformer's shed, not long ago beautified in the same stile with the cathedral.
Some subservient building next to Cathedral.
The typical Russian firewood shed.
The entrance into the Cathedral.

Through here one can get to the viewing point (about half of the buildings height).

Next couple albums will show you a bit more of Petergoff.



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