Wandering Camera

Second Album
(Translated by Sergey A. Maslyakov)

After several days of real St.Petersburg autumn weather (who knows why
do I hate those umbrellas?) the sun decided to show its face to us. It
doesn't matter that it appeared just for very short time and it is
even hard to notice the existance of the sunshine on the most of the
pictures but, anyway, some is better that none :)

The day comes to its end. The sun shines still but it tries to escape from its daily duties hiding behind the cloud instead of setting behind the horizont. The nice sight to Fontanka river from Anichkov bridge. It is hard to call this view extraordinary but...
I had never seen this Clodt horses (on the same bridge) so closely.
Mikhailovsky Castle... Pretty dark building. But it perfecly matches to his owner - Tzar Pavel.
The shot could not fit the whole building... :)
Mikhailovsky Castle in 1801 (part of the painting by Patersen). It seems like after 100 years only the top will survive... :(

The only words about the inner yard I can say are: "restorer have never been here..."
Tower seems to be attractive.

Moika river and Letniy Garden on the rigth side. The view from Nizhne-Lebiazhiy bridge.
These nice lanterns stand right on this bridge. When it gets dark it would be interesting to take a look whether the lamps in this lanterns work :)
Hmm, what does this birdie on the top of the lantern mean? (what is this birdie on the top of the lantern?)
The fence of Letniy Garden along the embankment.

The part of the garden gates.

Lebiazh'ya Kanavka. The tree hanging from Letniy Garden shields a little the view. But in some way it is even better.
The sight to Troitskiy bridge and Kutuzov embankment (from Letniy Garden).It is niether early morning, nor late night. I succeeded in my attempts to make a shot with no people in sight.
Lantern near the entrance to "Academe of Science" (as follows according to the title). Something is happening to me today and I feel some attraction to the lanterns. Please, don't understand me literally :)
About to be under the Troitskiy bridge. It was always interesting for me, does anything edible (eatable) swim here? Or these fishing-rods lay there just for fun?
The lanterns again. On the Troitskiy bridge. The rise some associations in my mind with science-fictional films. Or with ball lightnings. Anyway, they are beautiful.
Interesting fact: second lantern on the right side of the bridge (not shown on the picture) has telecamera installed.
Austrian square. It is the new name. I can't recall the old one... But by certain reasons I have memorized this square because we were carrying lots of equipment for ENLiGHT'97 demo party near this square. It is hard to forget :)
Kamenniy island. Poor LITMO students were periodically forced to run over this island despite to the weather and among the cotteges of V.I.P.s. But I think they are still forced to do the same. :)
Bolshaya Nevka. Kayak... On the big distance it seems like a man is land-skiing on the water.
The sight to Voenno-Morskaya Academy.
Torzhkovsky Rynok. There is something everlasting in thi picture.

That's all for today, I think.

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