Wandering Camera

Album One
(Translated by Grigori Melnik)

Going along Nevsky prospect, through Palace Bridge, and further along
University Front...

Kasansky Cathedral. By the way, that shiny thing sticking out on the right side is not a parking meter (as a some people might think) but a donation basket :) 
View of Nevsky Prospect. Admiralty from afar ('under construction'). Not a real fun to shoot photos standing in the middle of Nevsky Prospect even if it's a green light. So let's move on.
Zimny (Winter Palace), Palace Square. Horses, equipages... Just Catherine The Great is missing to have a look on all these :)
The fountain near Winter Palace. Because of very short exposition and good lightness, the water drops seem to be poised in the air.
The views from Palace Bridge on Troitsky Street. Gauze in the background
is real (the machine cleaning the supports of the bridge has nothing to do with it)

The view to Lieutenant Schmidt Bridge. A streetcar still managed to get in the shot. Oh, well, fiat if so!

The rostral column. That was such a fetcher to asphalt the right side of the picture in Adobe Photoshop. But let's not disguise history.

We are at University Front. Admirality and St. Isaac Cathedral are right across Neva river.

The palace Bridge from another side..

The sphinx on University Front. That one which flourishes with its paw on the TV commercial of some sort of beer ;-)

Panorama of Neva river. And another view on the sphinx from unusual position.

Lieutenant Schmidt Front. Anchor tows and ships...

What a cute picture could it be for an 'Under Construction' page! :-)

Harbour and Sea Port. Sunset..

'Narodovoletz' submarine (from 'Liberator')

... and its last dock. Hard to believe from first view that it is in the city.

Surrealistic landscape. But in reality, just a refuse dump in the rays of the evening sun.

Don't even know what this building on Korablestroiteley Street (Shipbuilders Street) is, but it's nice. As somebody suggests me around here, it might be a water-tower. But why are there so many windows then?

Finsky Bay (Finnish Bay) abaft Pribaltiskya Hotel.

Uh, real anti-ship battery :-) and just a monument of Kirov battle cruiser as a by-job.

Thank you for exploring St.-Petersburg with us and till next time !

|- (C) Петp Соболев ->


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