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Album 195
(Translated by Yaroslava Yingling)


Let's walk today from the "Pioneerskaya" subway station to the place known as "Kolomjagi". And at the same time we shall look at Udelnii park.


This small chapel located at the end of Kolomjazhsky prospect, on a hill. This is the Alexander Nevsky chapel, and it is constructed in 1883 in connection with epidemic of cholera.
Today Kolomjagi is something like the leftovers of a village surrounded by new buildings and cottages which continue to come. However, you'll see it yourself.
There are two versions on the origin of the name "Kolomjagi": 

1. In Finish "kolo" means a cave, "mjakki" means a hill (the village was located on hills).

2. Besides, in Finish "koloa" means a bark (it is supposed, that here there was a processing of trees).

There is one small pond.
The picture speaks for itself.
In 1719 Peter the Great handed these grounds to his adviser baron A.I.Osterman.
After Ostermans have been banished to Ural, the grounds have been transferred to the chancellor count A.P.Bestuzhev-Rumin (some people already lived here - they were relocated from the Volga region (Povolzhe) by the first owner).
Then the manor has been passed to Volkonsky, which in 1789 have sold it to retired colonel S.S.Jakovlev (together with the Old and New Village). After his death his two daughters have inherited this manor.
In 1834 count A.P.Nikitin's became an owner of this manor. He has constructed this mansion which later had been transferred into a retirement home. In my opinion, this is a photo of this mansion.
The mansion located on this street.
On the same street there is also such house, too old, apparently.
Coming back almost to a chapel in the beginning of an album: 

The house of the beginning of XX century, as it seems to me.

Beside - church Saint Dmitry Solunsky. 
It was constructed in 1906 under the project of architect A.A.Vseslavin.
As written, this church operated during the USSR.

Now we'll talk about Udelnii park, as it is located in the neighborhood.

One part of Udelnii park was planted by Peter the Great - he raised a ship pine here. However this pine was not used for the ships, so a grove have been left alone and have created Udel'ninskoe wood school (1832-1866), in which landowners sent serfs to study wood business..



Now in buildings of that school, a psychiatric hospital of name Skvortsova-Stepanova is located (it is created in 1870-1880), known as "starling house".

The Udelnii park (as park) was laid out in 1832.

Since 1922 it is located in a city boundaries.

Pillbox from times of World War II.. 

If you remember, similar pillbox was on Krestovsky island also.

As written in the book, there are 37 kinds of trees and 50 kinds of bushes in Udelnii Park. Here nesting about 40 kinds of birds and 30 more kinds fly by ;)



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