Wandering Camera

Album 196
(Translated by
Peter Sobolev)


This is the third time I showing you the white nights. As before, comments will be brief, without specyfing of architect and when it was built.


Winter palace and Palace square.

This time weather was changing frequently, so sky was sometimes light (like on this photo), sometimes dark because of the clouds.

Opposite to the Winter palace - house at the corner of Nevsky prospect and Admiralteysky prospect.
Fountain in front of the Winter palace
Now some shots from the Palace bridge.

Winter palace..

On the right, in the distance - Admiralty building.

Same building, but closer.. People crowding to see how bridge will be raising.
Peter and Paul fortress is scaffolded
Winter palace again..

There are some strange colors on photo, especially for sky.

This is because highlighting in the city made with various lamps - flourescent and incadescent. Camera can't be perfect on white balance in such conditions. It is not easy to correct the colors on such photo, so I left it as is.

Next to it - Academy of Science building.
Rostral column
The same
Rare photo, in the sense that you can see the whole Winter palace from here.
Fence of Birzevoy (Stock) bridge
View to the raised Birzevoy brigde (the closest), Troizky bridge and Liteyniy bridge
Something like a restaurant near the Birzevoy bridge
Across the river Neva - "Pushkin's house" (former Custom house) on the Makarova embankment
Further along the embankment - the church of St.Catherine
View from the Tuchkov bridge to the Birzevoy bridge



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