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Album 194
(Translated by Yaroslava Yingling)


We will take a short excursion over Gutuevsky Island today.


This is that second bridge in a modernist style, which I have mentioned in the previous album. 
The bridge calls Ekateringofsky, and Rizhsky previously. It is build over river Ekateringofka and connects the Rizhsky Prospect with Gapsal'sky Street.

The bridge is constructed in 1910-1914. 

Earlier this was a unique one-span drawbridge in Saint Petersburg (now it does not get raised anymore).

Length of the bridge - 66,8 meters, width - 23,3 meters.

Two boards: 

" The bridge was constructed under supervision of the commission from members of the city government A.N.Shlejfer, A.N.Buzov, V.G.Gan'kov, I.F.Onoshkovich-Jatsyn, V.S.Petrov, M.E.Lezhoev, 
Experts: prof. G.N.Solov'ev, prof. N.N.Mitinsky, the representative min. commerce and industrial engin. A.K.Rozhdestvensky, representative Petrograd. commercial port engin. E.G.Leman, the representative of firm "Shertser " engin. N.V.Rudnitsky: with crucial engineer A.P.Pshenitsky and his assistant engin. D.J.Akimov-Perettse "

" The bridge is finished in 1914 in the twentieth summer of safe reign of sovereign emperor Nikolay II, during the Chairman of Council of Ministers I.L.Goremykin, minister of Internal Affairs N.A.Maklakov, the town governor prince A.N.Obolensky, City head count I.I.Tolstoi, his comrade D.I.Demkin and members of the city government: A.K.Bodisko, A.N.Bykov, S.V.Beljaev, V.G.Gan'kov, P.N.Ge, N.G.Golubkov, G.I.Durnjakin, A.D.Lavrent'ev, V.N.Novikov, I.F.Onoshkovich-Jatsyn, P.I.Savinkov, A.N.Shlejfer, V.S.Yanushevsky and candidates: M.E.Lezhoev and A.S.Raevsky. "

Church Bogojavlenija Gospodnja - on the background
As it is possible to notice here, the 300-anniversary "clean-up" did not reached this place and probably it would not ;-) 

However I heard that after "perestroika" the bridge itself had been undergoing renovations (as minimum, some fallen off letters have been replaced).

Institute of water communications - as you can see on the very blue inscription. Is, as well as the following two objects, located on the street under name Mezhevoi channel (I suspect, that the channel once was here, but later got filled in).
Judging from some attributes - a building of Stalin times. 

On the left emblem there is an image of the Rostralny Column, on the right - Admiralty.

The main gate (to the port). 

To the left of inscription - Lenin's medal.
On the top there is an emblem with a hammer and sickle, but not the USSR insignia (could be very old insignia, however).

Inscriptions on the monument: 

" To the Crews of the fallen vessels: 
The second pyatiletka * Lunacharsky * Luga * Yarvamaa * Mardus * Hil'da * Skrunla * Desna * Homana * Vyborg * Balkhash * Truvor * Siberia * Tobol * October * Ergona?? * Aksel'-Charles *? asuja * Kuma?? *?? issar *? egro *? otserna * Alev

To heroes - seamen of the Baltic Sea shipping company and the Leningrad port 1941-1945 "

In a building, that behind a monument, there is a Baltic Sea shipping company, a part of the Baltic customs house and different commercial offices.

This is the view from the last floor of this building.
Behind cranes - Neva. Factories and shipyards are located here, therefore you cannot approach the coast anywhere in this place.
Beyond Neva - Vasil'evsky Island.
Here Neva runs into Gulf of Finland (on the left). 

Pay attention to a sparkling building with a spike. 

This is the Morskoi (Sea) Station, which is already well familiar to us, only earlier I photographed it from the opposite side - from Harbor (Lenexpo). 



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