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The 15th album - Highway E95

I was going to waste all day working on my computer, but a telephone call ruined all my plans.

This time we will wander by car, 82 kilometers from Petersburg, on the highway to Moscow. :) 

a05_29.jpg (31283 bytes) Maxim Ivanov, who offered me a drive ;-)
The Church of St. George. Not far from
the "Broken ring" monument. 
a05_01.jpg (26410 bytes)
a05_02.jpg (22227 bytes) According to Maxim, the church was build on the dontations of the prisoners. 
The traffic is low, there are not many cars on Saturday evening. Wayside there are endless fields or small villages, with rickety fences, and wooden houses, which seem to be centuries old. a05_24.jpg (32879 bytes)
a05_08.jpg (34254 bytes) a05_09.jpg (32709 bytes)
a05_11.jpg (37923 bytes) The second church that we met that day. Very neet, as it was a painting, not a real building. There is even a well of the same style nearby. For some reason this reminds me small buildings in Peterhof. :)
Even farther from the city...
A cemetry and half-ruined, but 
obviously still active church. 
a05_15.jpg (38985 bytes)
a05_16.jpg (48342 bytes) It seems to be a bit fairy in the rays of the setting sun. 
Well, it looks like they still plan to restore it a05_17.jpg (41017 bytes)
a05_23.jpg (34261 bytes) Nice name.
Logo shaped like horseshoe - good idea :)
A picture of the villagers' life. A man, followed by the dog, goes to get some water.  a05_27.jpg (20467 bytes)
a05_31.jpg (13642 bytes) The sunlight is on treetops already. Time to go back…
The same church of St.George, now in the rays of the setting sun.  a05_34.jpg (17798 bytes)

Coming home :-)


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