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We continue the walk trough the Kamennoostrovsky prospect.


This house should be in the preceding album. But all the kilobytes and jokes are already counted and adjusted, so let it grow here.It is the second Markov profitable house built by his own project in 1910-s.
The dark house to the left - the first Markov profitable house. The light house - Cimmerman profitable house
…was built in 1906-1908 by the project of F.Lidval.Earlier it had a small tower with a spire on its corner.
Former mansion and greenhouse of E.G.Igel.

The greenhouse was built in 1894 by A.I.Kovsharov. In 1897-1898 B.Y.Zonn have built the mansion and made the greenhouse wider.

The same house in the other perspective.By rumours it is connected with the Emir of Buhara (read about him later).

The grating and the balcony below - of this house too.

The building with the antenna on the roof is Petersburg telecentre.

I think many people are acquainted with the word combination "Chapygina, 6" - that is, exactly, it. It`s adress is Chapygina, 6.Early the Sankt-Petersburg TV channel called "Leningrad television" and it was broadcasted to whole USSR. While reconstruction (since 1985) it was famous with programmes "The Fifth Wheel", "Telecourier". After the reconstruction in 1991 it became local television and was privatized (but now the most part of the stocks belongs to the city administration). Now the channel is called "TRK Petersburg" and it divides the broadcast time with "LOT' (Leningrad Region Television). It still issues good programmes, as a Federal channel. However "LOT" is similar to Soviet television (with its good and bad features) just with the tendency to religion topics.Chapygina, 6 was built in 1963 by the project of S.B.Speransky. 

By the way, the TV tower is only in two kilometers from the building.To the left - part of "Druzhba" hotel.The yellow building - children Hospital № 13. No historical data.

Recently built "elite dwelling houses". Not the worst pattern. It seems they tried to built it connected with the historical buildings but still it looks unnatural.
The Vyazemsky House (№ 58). There`s no historical data. Was rebuilt in 1869-1871 by the projekt of E.E.Anikin.
The cooperative society house built in 1929..1930 (it seems - the artist`s society).

Architect - E.A.Levinson (he lived here for some time).

The mansion of Pokotilova.

Architect M.S.Lyalevich, 1909.

A little part of the decoration.
The timed embankment of Karpovka river.

Across the river - former tram power station.

Silin (Pionersky) bridge.Was built in 1936 by the project of K.M. Dmitriev and engineer A.D.Sapershtein (there was the wooden bridge before).The unusual situation - the banks of Karpovka differs a lot in its height at that place.
The fence by archtect L.A. Ditrich.It`s a pity but it is bad-painted.
The house of the Emir of Buchara (it is not name, it`s post). In fact it is his profitable house. As I was said he provided his son (studied in Sankt-Petersburg) with the scholarship in such way.

Architect S.S.Krichinsky, 1913. 

There is a little indoor yard in this house.
The little part of the entry grating.
And in the end - the Culture House of Lensovet (earlier - of Prom-cooperation or just "Promka"). Was built in 1930-1934 by the already mentioned architect E.A. Levinson.

The corner tower was double higher.Earliear on that place the Sporting Palace (Skating Ring) was situated. 

It was made from ferro-concrete, before 1 World War and it was very hard to destroy, so it was included to the project of Culture House.

Upper - the bare-relief upon the entry (I out it into two parts, so I could show a larger view). To the right - the part of the roof bare-relief.
It is not any Culture House.

Just for closing the album :)



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