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In the end of the walking I want to show just two houses, situated after Petrogradskaya underground station.


This house was built in 1911-1913 for the First Russian Insurance Society.

In 1930-s S.M.Kiriv lived here.

Architects: L.N.Benua, A.N.Benua, U.U.Benua.

The house is distinguished by its collonaade.
The interesting "hole" in the roof.
The yard behind the collonade.
Mind your attention - the video camera under the icicle: ) 
The lantern on the other side of the house (№ 26-28).
Across - the building with rich history.

In 1844 Carskoselsky Lyceum (where studied Pushkin). It was called Aleksandrovsky. In 1917 it was the Red Army staff of Petrogradskaya Side, region commitee and soviet.Later it became Technical School № 16.After the reconstruction it is lyceum again (technical schools became to rename in lyceums, technicums - in colleges, schools - in gymnasiums, institutes in universities and academies).

It was built by the project of L.I.Sharleman in 1831-1834.
In 1878 it was reconstructed.

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