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Album 141
(Translated by Ilya Saprykin)


The journey to the Old Ladoga (Staraya Ladoga) is finished by visiting the Nickolsky male monastery. Some photos here are a bit blueish - this is due to the way my digital camera treats evening skies. Most of the shots are retouched, while others are intentionally left "as is".


According to literature sources, the monastery was built in XII-XIX centuries, but this range must indicate the times when all of the monastery's constructions were erected.
There is a legend (not proven) that says that this monastery was founded by Alexander Nevsky.
Just as all previous buildings, the monastery is situated on the bank of Volhov (it can be seen farther right)
Eastern Saint gates.
Simple and beautiful. XVII century.
It really impresses on the background of evening skies.
The Nickolsky cathedral (XVII century) is on the left. There used to be a church built in XII century here.

Right to the gate is a bell tower (1692).

This is how the Nickolsky cathedral looks from the inside. This is no cellar - just some premises. Locals say it's been like that for a long time.
Eastern Saint gates again, and after them is the river Volhov.
The church of Johann Zlatoust (arhitect A.M.Gornostayev, 1878).
The bell tower, viewed through the arch of the Eastern Saint gates
Monastery walls and buildings.

Certainly, everything except the gates and the bell tower looks ruefully. There is nobody there (people say the houses are abandoned because of their age and poor state). There are even no tourists - maybe because it's evening, but it's far more probable that they just rarely get here - the monastery isn't seen from the highway.

On the left is the porch of the aforementioned church of Johann Zlatoust.
Some building in the center of the monastery.
An unlikely red corner tower. Even remains Moscow's Kremlin :)

Actually, this is all I wanted to say about the Old Ladoga (Staraya Ladoga). As always, more precise definitions are welcome.
You can take a look at add-ons, too - the shots that didn't make it into these 4 albums are gathered there. 
By the way, a couple of shots of the Old Ladoga (especially those that have bright skies with clouds and buildings in the same frame) have been retouched - dynamic range was enhanced. Slightly tiring, but the result is worth it, as it is far more pleasant this way.


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