Wandering Camera


Add-ons to albums 138-141 (Old Ladoga)
(Translated by Ilya Saprykin)


Uspensky monastery

Krestovozdvizhnenskaya church

Uspensky monastery

Vorotnaya and Kliment'evskaya towers


Vorotnaya tower


Kliment'evskaya tower

River Ladozhka by the fortress
Raskatnaya tower
Church of Saint George

Vorotnaya tower (left)

Vorotnaya tower and the church of Dmitry Solunsky
Vorotnaya tower

Right to the arch is the museum entrance

Fortress wall

In the first niche there is firewood piled

Bars of the Vorotnaya tower
Gate of the Vorotnaya tower
Eastern Saint gates and bell tower Porch of the church of Johann Zlatoust
An unknown church in ruines

It is slightly lower Old Ladoga on the map

Under the dome
An inside view



(C) Петp Соболев


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