Wandering Camera

Album 142
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Before getting to know the new suburb (not mentioned in the Wandering Camera before) we'll go back to the city again and see how the Nikolsky naval cathedral looks in the evening.


The cathedral is situated in the rather famous place - where the Griboedov channel crosses the Krukov channel. It's considered to be a good place to watch the white nights :)
But let's start the seeing from the opposite side - where the main entrance is. 

Let's go into the yard…

The cathedral was built by the order of Elizaveta Petrovna in 1753-1762 by S.I. Chevakinsky (the F.-B. Rastrelli apprentice). 

The style is baroque (as Zimny palace and Smolny cathedral). 

Let's go round.. 

The parade-ground of the Naval regimental court was situated at this place before. 

Let's come closer..

The name of the cathedral comes from the name of the Nicolas of the Sea (the Saint Nicolas, also known in the west as Santa-Claus :), which is regarded as the savior of the sailors by the church (when he was young, he tamed the storm and raised the sailor from the dead :) 

So then, the cathedral is particular - in the post-perestroika time they hold here arrangements concerned with the sea crashes (specifically - submarines "Komsomolets", "Kursk"). 

Let's see below..

Need to say, the cathedral was restored and illuminated full-scale.

Let's turn around…

There's a bell tower opposite the cathedral.
Built in 1756-1758 by the same architect.
Interesting details of the bell-tower top.
Now we'll head for the exit to the Krukov channel
Having crossed the bridge, one can see Estonian (Saint-Isidorovskaya) church in a distance. It was built in 1903-1905. By architect L.L. Poleshchuk.
The late autumn is reflected in the water..

Also I've laid out the pictures of Tzaritsino (Moscow), made several years ago. There're no comments but if anyone can identify the buildings - I'll add them with pleasure. 



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