Wandering Camera

Album 119
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Saint-Petersburg (with its suburbs) is certainly famous first of all for old buildings - monuments of history and architecture. But nevertheless you can discover true works of art among relatively new, end of the XX century buildings and ensembles. Of course, in those times cheapness, minimum construction schedule, providing people with flats were the most important issues. But still talented architects could create beautiful things even in these strict limits. 


These are the houses at Novosmolenskaya embankment (of Smolenka river).

In my opinion, it's one of not many places, where newly-erected buildings are planned and go with everything around almost perfectly. Actually, it's hard to reproduce this in the shot - you don't feel the scope of the buildings, fields between them. I recommend you to see panoramic photography of this place. They did not manage to finish the part between the bridge and the gulf - square was supposed to be there.

The whole of ensemble was projected in 1966-1970s by V.A. Sokhin with co-designers (his other work is Marine Terminal in the Harbor). 

Now hotel "Pribaltiyskaya" - the main subject of the album.

By the way, I'll remark that previous shot appeared here on two reasons: first of all, the block is situated not far from the hotel, secondly, - projects were developed almost in the same time (though built in different times).

Hotel was built in 1976-1978 according to Sergey Ivanovich Evdokimov(and co-designers) project. But other source of information says that the head of the project was N.N. Baranov.
At the entrance..
Sculpture "Conquered Baltics".

Author is E.M. Agayan. 1982.

From the opposite side (Gulf of Finland is in the right)

Anodized aluminum was used in trimming - light and shadow sparkle nice on a sunny day.

But on the other hand, it seems to me that such overcast day gave a more realistic image providing an idea of the building.

Though the project was domestic, swedish company participated in the construction. There is even underground garage :)

There are 17 floors in the building, 1,200 rooms.

Gulf is behind us. I've shot panoramic photography in this place - recommend to take a look.
That's all about this part of Vasilievsky island. If you have time - then go for a walk here. When come out of the metro station "Primorskaya", walk along Novosmolenskaya embankment and then to the left along the gulf, as far as the hotel..

We'll return to the modern buildings and ensembles in the future albums.


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