Wandering Camera

Album 118
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


I already told about Kronshtadt and I am coming back here again in order to devote several words and shots to its main sight - Naval Cathedral. At that, mainly, inside of it, - the more so as books in Internet do not teem with such kind of shots, to put it mildly. 


I'll start with the old shot - since album 24' times. Just to remind what the Naval Cathedral looks on the outside.

It was built in 1902-1912 by architect V.A. Kosyakov (his other constructions are church at Gutuevsky island, church at lieutenant Shmidt embankment). It was made in Istanbul Sophia Cathedral image.
It's so called "pseudo-byzantine" style.

Museum of local lore (since 1980), Navy club (since 1953) and Baltic fleet theatre (since 1993) are situated here.

On the whole, everything is evident about visiting museum, but in order to get into other premises and up to the dome - it's recommended to ask those who work in the building (though they can come up to you themselves and offer their services :)

Somehow or other, we're going upstairs..

And even higher..

It's shot with flash on - in reality, there is entire darkness, what favors getting bumps. Pocket flash can appear highly useful.

Here we are upstairs.

Sluggish repairs/restoration is taking place here.

"Restorer's breakfast"
Walls inside are covered with such inscriptions which are of some interest for historians.

In my amateurish opinion, they show that hardly anything was restored here since at least 1953 :)

And seriously - this is mainly memory about those who completed national service/musters and celebrated this completion by visiting cathedral.

It's quite easy to explain why they did not restore it yet.

If you look down, view on the ceiling appears.

Point is that originally this ceiling did not exist. But in 1953-1955 Navy club was established in the cathedral, and overhead cover was made. Maybe because of ideological considerations, and maybe, because of acoustics.

As it's not difficult to forecast that in view of modern trends in religion field ceiling will not live a while longer, theatre with club and museum as well.

View on Anchor square opens from the window from the height of 65-67 meters.

Monument to S.O. Makarov is in the left by the trees.

View in the other direction.

And I did not manage to shot the third one (on dam) - could not pass.

Now we'll go downstairs. This is a hall which is covered by the mentioned above ceiling.

Local guide said that when destroying the ceiling they will take down and save pictures by A.V. Treskin (which decorate it) because they're valuable in themselves.

Wall paintings and chandeliers in the bays
There are stained-glass windows with anchors and other symbolism in the aisles around the hall. Looks nice.
Premise near the hall - it's desolate but has mosaic floor (mosaic is made out of marble and has copper casing), decor on the walls and doors.

Surely, I've embroidered reality a bit here :)

Another premise.

Interesting view. It's like being at the movie-taking of the 1930s. Moreover, these are not exhibits of the museum.

It's such a pity that white plastic radio stands out in a way ..

View on the square through the keyhole..
...and here we are out again.

Interesting railing near cathedral - in the form of anchors and ships.



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