Wandering Camera

Album 120
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Zelenogorsk is a quiet town - 50 kilometers to the north-west from Saint-Petersburg beyond Sestroretsk. 
As well as Sestroretsk it's considered to be resort since it's situated on the shore of the gulf of Finland. 
Zelenogorsk was called Terijoki up to 1939 in honor of small river which flows here, in the time when Karelian Isthmus was part of Finnish territory. 
You can get here either by suburban train or by two route taxies (changing in Sestroretsk). 


Lutheran finnish church.

Built in 1908 according to finnish architect Josef Stenbek project.

There is a monument by the church. Sign on the tablet says:

"75 finnish terijoki soldiers fallen in wars 1938-1944 are buried in this place.
24.7.1993 Terijoki-Seura ry/Teri Saatio"

Church to Kazan icon of Mother of God.

Built in 1910 according to N.N. Nikonov project.

It's the highest construction in Zelenogorsk (50 meters high including cross).

Near the church..

A well and a bench.

We'll fluently pass from the church on to a sculptural group "Girl tears sharp-toothed perch' gills".
Actually, it does not say it there, but calls it up ..
There is a big dipper in the park (at the shore), such a view on the gulf of Finland opens from it.
Weekend - children are coping with yachts under supervision of adults. More precisely, those are boats with sails :)
School №445 and monument to V.I. Lenin
Whatever you can meet in the forest.. (Sign says: ammunition depot)
Monument to those who perished during Great Patriotic war.
It's, surely, not beach, and actually not a natural phenomenon at all. Bits of granite were definitely brought here for unknown purpose.
"Novikov dacha"

It's famous for the fact that government of Otto Kuusinen was situated here in 1939-1940 (later it became rest home of Lenizdat (Leningrad publishing house)). Nowadays it's entirely neglected.

Apparently, it's a usual dwelling house
National Joint-stock bank (formerly).
Now there is a shop.
Central part of the railway station building in Zelenogorsk.

Station was reconstructed in 1950 according to architect A.A. Grechannikov project. That's when it got modern appearance.

And we'll finish the album aside Zelenogorsk. This is "devil's lake". Called so, probably, in the view of the dark color of the water. Its old official name was "Friendly". 



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