Wandering Camera

Album 109
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


We continue a walk along Sverdlovskaya embankment 


We'll pay our main attention to this part of it - especially building with two towers - which is Bezborodko dacha (the same - Kushelev-Bezborodko estate, the same- Kushelev dacha)
Originally this place had nothing to do with Bezborodko: this plot belonged to Privy Councilor, earl G.N. Teplov, since 1770.
In 1717 they constructed a pseudo-gothic style building on this plot (architect is unknown to me). After Teplov death the house was sold to prince Alexander Andreevich Bezborodko.
In his time building was thoroughly rebuilt by architects D. Kvarengi and N. Lvov in 1783-1784. Railing with 29 lions appeared here in the first half of XIX century. Number of lions here is large as no where else in Petersburg. Remember that movie "Italians in Russia"?:)

Formerly there was a garden with pavilions by D. Kvarengi and a church behind the building. Now there is not a sign of it.

In the end of XIX century dacha was given to Red Cross Society, and at the moment there is T.B. prophylactic center.

Modern building in the left is LMF (Leningrad Metal factory). It's a large establishment, which, in particular, produces turbines. And also it produces mechanisms for the mentioned above Bolsheokhtinsky bridge. Factory was founded in 1857.

There is a pier in the foreground, which relates to Bezborodko dacha.

It was restored recently, I even thought it was built anew.
Modern buildings on Sverdlovskaya embankment were being built in the 1970s. Project of the modern part of the embankment belongs to architect A.V. Vasiliev. Embankment is very acceptable to the eye, it's rare when combination of modern and historical buildings (Smolny cathedral on the opposite side) looks appropriate.
"Fastened eyes on the past"
We'll walk a little more but along Arsenalnaya embankment now:

Utterly distinctive railing of the champagne(fizz wines) factory (if that's the right name)

Wooden building at the factory "Red vyborzhets (Vyborg dweller)" territory. Before revolution it was Rozenkrants factory founded in 1857, it may be the building of those times.

Beginning from next album I promise you green grass as minimum, unless summer :-)


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