Wandering Camera

Album 110
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Church "Easter cake and paskha (Easter dish)" is not the most famous but most original in architecture indeed among all churches and cathedrals of Saint-Petersburg. You can find it near metro "Proletarskaya". 


Church was built according to N.A. Lvov project, however the idea to create a church in the form of "Easter cake and paskha" belongs to the customer - general-prosecutor prince A.A. Vyazemsky (he owned village Alexandrovskoye which was situated here once). According to other data, these motifs were caused by rotunda of Vesta temple and pyramid of Cestius in Rome. 
Church was being built since 1785 till 1787 on the money of Catherine the II (200 thousands rubles)
Inscription above entrance:

"Your bounties made this.
finished in 1787

You can see what's inside here..

Bell-tower's upholstery is galvanized iron
For justice sake I'll mention that the true name of the church is Trinity (of Saint Trinity).
"Easter cake and paskha" is a folk nickname.
Vessel with sacred water :)

It is revealed by tap presence and a sign in the right.

As the Orthodox church it was opened till 1938 and after 1946.

In the next album we'll set off to the place with romantic name "Shushary" :-) 


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