Wandering Camera

Album 108
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Sverdlovskaya embankment was called Polustrovskaya before ("palustris" - in Latin means "swampy"). 
Here you can meet both contemporary buildings (very architecturally successful), and historical sights. 


Assumption cathedral ( people know it also as "Red church"). It was built ( actually it is being built - not finished yet) in memory of Leningrad blockade victims.

I'll quote a fellow architect (I am not a specialist myself, will not comment)

"Assumption church is not finished yet but there are salt stains on the brick already. It means that this new building is ready for overhaul".

It's whitewashed now.

Further - there is a couple of buildings at the Malookhtinsky prospect (short part of it which is parallel to Sverdlovskaya embankment of Neva river)
Here my attention was attracted mainly by the emblem of Saint-Petersburg. I did not meet buildings with it before somehow.
By the way, the crown above the emblem is lacking. 
Bolsheokhtinsky bridge and Smolny cathedral
It seems that I did not tell about Bolsheokhtinsky bridge yet..

Sometimes it is called "Peter the Great's". Its official name is "Bolsheokhtinsky bridge in the name of emperor Peter the Great" (they never renamed it), though the second part of the name is rarely used.

Construction took three years - 1909 to 1911 (project of engineer G. Krivoshein and architect V. Alyshkov). Besides, it mentioned L.N. Benua participation in one of sources of information.

They draw the bridge in the middle, fixed spans on each side are the longest on Neva - 136 meters each.

Smolny cathedral.

A week ago cross of one of the domes fell down during the thunderstorm. They looked for it for a long time, it turned out it got stuck in the roof. 

A person from the cathedral administration said on TV that technology was not followed when the cathedral was under construction and crosses were being fixed, they hoped that no one would want to climb up to check. And it came true:-)


And at this very place in 1611 swedes founded fortress "Nienshanz", and a city of "Nienshtadt" by it. In 1703 fortress was conquered by our troops commanded by B.P. Sheremetiev and was renamed into Shlotburg by Peter the I.

Later there was a factory built here, and recently (15 of June 2000) this memorable sign was established.

You will laugh but swedish companies sponsored this sign:)
Architect is Vladimir Alexandrovich Reppo, cannons are real from that very fortress.

If interested you can take a look at the map and the signs in a large scale.

zoom in
Memorable sign is in the left, and there is industrial facility "Petrozavod" in the right, if I am right.
Okhta. It flows into Neva right behind me.

Prospect of Shaumyan is in the left.

An old fire station with a fire-tower.

Originally built by architect P.P. Merculov in 1861 for Okhtinskaya public alms-house, it was enlarged and overbuilt later.

Capstan. Just a capstan:)
"We are going, going, going To the distant places…"
(from a russian children's song)

On the same barge where the man with a car.

Neva river and Sverdlovskaya embankment.

Arsenalnaya embankment where mainly industrial establishments are situated starts to the left from the two pipes.

In the right there are several yellow buildings and the most interesting of them is Bezborodko estate and slope to the water opposite to it. That's where we are going in the next album..



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