Wandering Camera

Album 107
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Utkin dacha and surroundings near junction of Okhta and Okkerville rivers is a very desolated but interesting place. This place stands out against surrounding recently-erected buildings - time stopped here both in good and bad senses. 


This is Okkerville river - view from the Utkin bridge. The river is a tributary of Okhta river, it got its name in XVIII century in the name of swedish colonel who owned land here (1699).
Brick building with a tower is situated at the factory "Banner of labor" territory.
Here it is from the opposite side
And Utkin prospect(avenue) lies here. Very prospect and not pereulok(side street) :-)
Now let's speak about Utkin dacha.

This official building looks most decent, there is some institution in it. Long ago there was a fountain here and a big park.

And this is dacha itself.

Difficult to say who abides in the building now. On the basis of the outward appearance it is partly used as a dwelling house. 

Railing of one of the balconies
The building was built in 1790, presumably according to the project either N.A. Lvov or D. Kvarengi. I'll venture to presume that it's rather Lvov.

Dacha is placed on the bank of two rivers at once - Okhta and Okkerville.

Now we'll turn around 180 degree…

This view appears right from Utkin dacha - factories on the banks of Okhta river.

The same view, a little to the right
This building at the address "Perevoznoy pereulok, building 23" is interesting first of all because of …
…acorn image. I don't know for sure what it symbolizes in this case. They say, it's a symbol of well-being.

Then we'll continue walk towards Neva river and along its embankment.


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