Wandering Camera

Album 104
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


In this album we'll take a look at the Suvorov museum near Tavrichesky garden and at the Roman-catholic church in Kovensky pereulok (some addition to the album about foreign churches). 


Museum of A.V. Suvorov is situated at the Kirochnaya street which is Saltykov-Schedrin as well, opposite Tavrichesky garden. This place was donated for construction of the museum by the Life Guards Preobrazhensky regiment. And the museum itself was built on the donations of the city-dwellers.
Originally the building was intended to be Suvorov museum. It was built in 1904 according to the project of the architect A. I. van Gogen (conjointly with G.D. Grimm).

By the way, behind the building you can see some pedestal without any marking (I did not take a picture of it). Once long ago there was a monument to sergeant-major Leonty Korennoy (waged war in 1813 by Lipetsk). Nowadays the monument itself is kept in one of the city museums.

This is Suvorov coat of arms (besides all other titles, he was also a prince).
There are two mosaics inlayed on the outside walls.
The first one (made according to N.A. Shabunin sketch) depicts Suvorov departure from Konchansky village to Italian campaign in 1799 (Suvorov has just come out of the church and local dwellers came to see him off). This mosaic is inlayed by M. I. Zoschenko. His son (future writer) inlayed a fir-tree in the left lower corner:)
Second mosaic (inlayed by N.E. Maslennikov according to A.N. Popov sketch) depicts Suvorov getting over the Alps.
In a year (right after coming back to Saint-Petersburg) Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov passed away.
Now we'll move to another place also in the center of the city - Kovensky pereulok.

The Roman-Catholic church to Mother of God of Lourdes was built in 1908-1909 according to Leonty Benua project and with participation of M. Peretyatkovich.

The other name of the church is "Notre Dame de France"

Construction of the church was caused by frenchmen-catholics separation (voluntarily) from the community of St. Catherine church (mentioned in album 102)

They say that the building was being constructed with no formal permission for construction works, and afterwards it was antedated by nearly Stolypin personally.

During construction they used granite which was left after completion of Troitsky bridge.
As Benua himself wrote:
"the church came out pictorial, and when there are some funds, some decoration could be added, especially inside, by what we'll achieve more grandeur".

Also I offer you to see a new album from the series "our guests". This time our guest is Dmitry Mykheev, and he tells about Norilsk.


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