Wandering Camera

Album 103
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


It was difficult to deeply feel spring presence in the previous (first spring) album. Let's correct this drawback now. 



Part of the Summer garden railing and Fontanka river

In the background there is a building built in 1780s according to the project of architect F.I. Volkov and rebuilt in 1879 by architect L.F. Fontana (it was converted into All-Russian industrial exhibition).

Building with columns and domes on the corners is a jurisprudence school (it had been situated there since 1835)
Coffee(Kofeyny) house in the Summer garden.
I have already taken picture of it from the opposite side.

It was built by Karl Rossi (1826). He rebuilt it out of grotto of Peter's times ( he used foundation, walls).

If it was not such a grand moment this picture could be called "Summer garden is on a drying"
Summer palace of Peter the I.

Architect - Domenico Trezini, 1710-1714.

This is a famous railing of Summer garden from a bit unusual (on my opinion) point of view - view from the Prachechny bridge. It's interesting that the "fan" is also a gate - sometimes(seldom:) they clear it.
Restored several years ago monument "Tsar the Carpenter". (Its full name is "Peter the I learns shipbuilding craft in the city of Saardam, in Holland in 1697.")

Originally it was placed in the same place, at the Admiralty embankment, in 1911 (project of L. A. Bernshtam). The copy of this monument was given to Dutch city of Zaandam, and one more copy was situated formerly in the Summer garden. In 1918 monument was removed, and in 1990s restored.

On the whole the city would be greatly benefited if there was issued a law forbidding to raise monuments in the historical center of the city, at least until next change of regime:) Now chance is lost, but better late than never.

Gull in dreaminess
Actually, this type of gulls (thick and with a black muzzle) can be rarely seen on Neva river. They abide closer to the gulf. And here a dozen of them gathered round at one place.
"Well, dear, they say limits on smelt catch are implemented!? "

I want to remind you that you can discuss not only albums, but just architecture and history of Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs on a specially created for this purpose forum of the Wandering Camera.


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