Wandering Camera

Album 100
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Hundred albums is quite a number, indeed.
It's fifth year by now since I lay myself out for different architectural-historical subjects pretending (with support of those who feel for my deal and books) that I'm expert on local architecture and maniac of photography. Many believe.. (c) movie "Formula of love":) 
According to statistics and letters I observe with pleasure that Wandering Camera is interesting for dwellers of the union republics, large and small cities of Russia and of course Saint-Petersburg, as well as for the emigrants (what can be easily explained). 

Thank you! 


Bank bridge over Griboedov channel. Built in 1825-26 according to the project of architect
G. Tretter.
Name of the bridge is bound up with former Banknote Bank (now its building is occupied by Financial-economical institute - FINEK).
Institute is situated right behind this fence.
These lovely animals are called griffins. From mythology - they are beasts with eagle wings and lion bodies.
Sculptures are created by P.P. Sokolov according to mentioned above G. Tretter sketches.
Wings are covered with tinsel.
Spheres above griffins' heads are lamps.
Railing of the bridge was restored according to the project of architect A.L. Rogach.
Fence of Financial-economic institute, 1817, architect is L. Ruska. Though other sources say that the fence was made according to D. Kvarengi sketches.
View from the Bank bridge.

Kazansky and Savior-on-blood cathedrals.
Kazansky bridge is in the center of the take (Nevsky prospect and Griboedov channel crossing) 

Now we'll move beyond Nevsky prospect, closer to Neva.

Savoir-on-blood from the Moyka-river side.

Pavilion in Mikhailovsky garden by Moyka

Author of the pavilion is Karl Rossi.

Further along Moyka.. Cupola of exhibition building of Mukhinka appeares far off in the left (it's higher artistic-industrial school in the name of V.I. Mukhina). Cupola was recently thoroughly restored

A bit to the right is First Enginerny bridge. Fontanka-river is behind it.

Again we'll move to a different place - closer to the gulf.

Woman is feeding ducks at the Lieutenant Shmidt bridge.

Competition in the conditions of limited food.

A dozen of ducks remaining behind didn't fit into the picture.

Former house of N.P. Rumyantsev is seen on the other side of Neva, at Angliyskaya (English) embankment. He created first in Russia available to all museum.

Now different exhibitions take place in the museum, and there is one permanent, quite large exhibition (I was there- recommend you), called "Leningrad in the years of Great Patriotic War".

And we'll finish album with this view on the Troitsky bridge, crow's traces and alight with sunset pieces of ice. 


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