Wandering Camera

Album 99
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Following existing tradition we'll continue getting to know Vyborg - now in winter.



Certainly there are leaves growing, birds fluttering and sun shining in summer, however, such "black and white" variant is also quite interesting.

We'll stroll (briefly) along places we already know..

Big Scoop Gulf.

Its old finnish name sounds like "sprat gulf" in russian.
Novy Gorodskoy(New City) bridge is seen in the left.

Castle wall.

That's what "life imprisonment" looks like :)

By the way, castle really was used as political jail for some time (in particular, several decembrists served a term here)

View on the historical center of the city from the tower
Finland gulf (its part in the foreground is called Southern gulf). 
Paths in the ice are seemingly left from the ice-breakers.
Fortress bridge. It looked differently in the past indeed and was replaced in 1979.

Old bridge(Abosky, Abo's) was a drawbridge (or rather its part rolled to the side).

Northern gulf.

Famous (for its original architecture) hotel - it's situated not far from the station. 

Black dots on the ice in the right are fishermen. 

There are Anninskiye (Anne's) fortifications on this and a couple of other pictures. Yellow Fridrikhgamskiye (Fridrikhgam's) gate is seen in the left. 
Let's go down..

Fortifications got their name in the honor of empress Anna Ioannovna though their construction had been planned already since the times of Peter the I (for protection of boarders in the North-West of Russia). 

Construction was carried on in 1731-1742. Later on fortifications were reconstructed and restored.
Castle in the evening with highlight on. 
And this, well.., new-russian church is situated in the other part of the city. Neon sign-boards, perfect highlight and plenty of lamps. 
And a couple of usual buildings on one of the Vyborg streets in the end. 

Anniversary edition of Wandering Camera is ahead..


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