Wandering Camera

Album 101
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Today we'll visit one more suburb of Saint-Petersburg - Sestroretsk. 
Unfortunately, I didn't have neither map with me nor book, therefore, our route will be as the fate willed. 


City is situated 30-35 kilometers to the north-west from Saint-Petersburg (you can get there by train or by route taxi from the metro station "Chernaya rechka").

It is situated on the Finland gulf bank. It's a resort place - part of the city is just called "Resort".

I don't know what this monument is about, probably, some competitions took place here in 1989.
"Sestroretsky razliv(overflow)" Lake. It was formed as the result of erecting dam on the river Sestra.

By the way, a famous shelter of branches where Lenin was in hiding until august 1917 was situated on the bank of this lake.

In winter they ski and drive snowmobiles and also fly kites (in the left in this picture).

Very likely it's stalin times building. 
Military occupy it.
There is sufficient green in the city what compensates plenty of palaces peculiar to the southern suburbs of Saint-Petersburg.
Pine-tree park. Or forest..
Sestra river.
It is noteworthy for two reasons at once - first of all, it gave a name to the city - "Sestroretsk". Secondly, in 1918-1940 it was the boarder upon Finland.
Original swedish name of the river is "Sisteriokki" (black current). Settlement was called Sisterbek. It's evident that it's hard to pronounce these names in russian, therefore, when our lot came, they gave the river a conformable name "Sestra".
Judging by smell there are vessels with petrol in the front :)
Unknown house. Just for example :)
Tower belongs to it too
Sestroretsk toolmaker.

It was founded already by Peter the I in 1714 (as the arms factory). This date is considered to be the date of city foundation. It has become a toolmaker since 1922. 
It's not a very successful foreshortening - trees in the front of the building hide everything. 

Factory was built near the river knowingly, for the purpose of using water-engine for the needs of production (on the whole, location of many factories along the banks of the rivers is caused by these very considerations).
A modern monument situated near factory. To all appearances it symbolizes factory's former military production.
This railing reminds of a "fan" in the Summer garden.
First showings of spring..

With this album we'll finally finish the longest for the Wandering Camera winter. Welcome into spring :-)


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