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Highway St Petersburg - Crimea
(Translated b
y Polina Korchagina)


As you probably know from 4 albums about Ukraine, in May 2003 I with my friends went to Crimea by car and than returned to St Petersburg (St Petersburg - Moscow - Voronezh - Zaporozhie - Energodar - Yalta - Bahchisarai). And though the album is called "Highway..." it's not about the E95/M2 highway because we went mostly by small roads.
Most of the pictures that you will see are taken from the car window at 100 km/hour speed, so the quality may be not that good.


The first picture was taken between St Petersburg and Moscow, not far from Vishnii Volochek
In the cities that have factories people sell goods that are produced on these factories at self made stalls along the roads.

There you can see toys as well as towels with erotic pictures. People sell what they get. And they get those goods as a salary and have to sell them to get money.

In Elets (a town near Voronezh) they sell TV sets (it must be very colorful at night), mirrors, toys.

In Vishnii Volochek we had to stop and wait for cows to cross the road.
A very life-like picture.

By the way sometimes you can see people plowing with a help of horses in the fields or a cart drawn by a horse. And in Ukraine you can see it more often.

I don't think the Church would like it :)
Tver’ region

The house looks very good (according to the table on it, it's an administration of something) but on the whole it nodded (I guess it's somehow connected with the rotation of the Earth) and it's a bit hoary.

We bypassed Moscow by MKAD road (Moscow belt-line highway) but I didn't take any pictures.
But it must be said that the infrastructure around Moscow is very impressive: shopping centers like IKEA look like airdromes with hangars, new houses and shopping centers are being built. Everything looks like another country.

Than goes the part of Moscow - Voronezh road with more fields and less forests as you can see in the picture.

Also this part of road is characterized by a larger number of toilets that look like several walls made of bricks to protect from wind and watchers. Inside... Foreigners are better not see it :)

A very pretty church (and not a remake) at the Voronezh entry point
Than we travel from Voronezh to Ukraine

This is Belogorodskaya region. You can see sand of the color very distinctive of this region.
In the background you can see sand open-cut mining.

One of many recently built church.

There are a lot of them being built along the highway.

The names of some villages and towns are worth to be collected. (Name of this village can be translated as "Knolls")

And also people who often travel by car can collect pictures of bus stops because sometimes they look very interesting.


This is a building of new Belgorod State University.

Another church nearby.
Look like three heroes- warriors from Russian tales.
A cow grazing near the highway crossing.

I tried to take picture of a horse but now I can see that it's a cow.

A monument to heroes of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)

There are a lot of them in Ukraine (at least not less than on Russia)

Another one nearby
Here you can see a typical for Ukraine landscape: fields and few trees, mostly poplars that were planted there.

A crane near cafe

In Ukraine road police was prohibited to hide when they measure speed. So now they stay near hills that are rare in Ukraine
And drivers blink their headlights like in Russia.

(Here I, the translator, must stop and explain this Russian peculiarity. I will do my best though it's not that easy. In Russia traveling by car you can see the police car aside the road measuring speed and fining drivers. Usually it's hidden and is hard to see. So the drivers who pass it blink their headlights to show to the oncoming cars that they should slow down)

Tilled field

Energodar - Crimea

The sign says:

"Nova Kahovka 18
Herson 84
Odessa 288

"The names of villages and towns are mostly in Ukrainian
In Crimea it can be both in Russian and Ukrainian, or only in Ukrainian or only in Russian.

After Moscow - Voronezh road there are much fewer toilets along the road though they are would be very useful because there very few trees

A tired lorry carries scrap metal

A monument "Legendary tachanka (machine-gun cart)" in steppe near Novaya Kahovka.

The monument was fixed up in 1967 in honor of heroes who fought against the enemies of Soviet Union in 1918-1920

Here was the forward edge of Kahovsky springboard

There should be flag but it was stolen.
Here instead of poplars you can see power transmission line towers
Locals go somewhere. They look quite unfriendly
Spring, peach trees in bloom.
Or they are apricot trees
Sunset in the field

It's interesting that such beautiful sunsets cannot be seen in St Petersburg because of high buildings or trees. Only at the bay

There are no trees here

And it's very convenient to watch stars.

Wild tulips
The cow and its owner grazing near the road
From Enorgodar we went on two cars, one with Russian identification number, another one with Ukrainian (zaporozhskim one). The first one was often stopped and checked by the road police (hopefully without any consequences) while the Ukrainian one was ignored.
Crimea, the stop "Luchistaya" before Alushta

Here we end this album. Everyone interested can look at the first and second parts of the story about Crimea

I also want to thank our drivers Vitaly Lunyov and Aleksey Pritula.



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