Wandering Camera

Crimea. Part II
(Translated b
y Polina Korchagina)


Having descended mountains we continue our walk in Crimea


Nikitinsky botanic garden

Is situated 10 km away from Yalta near the village Nikita
It was found in 1812

Near the pool you can get a picture of you with a peacock. Not for free of course.

The birds are not treated well: to make them spread their tails the owners breech them.

Then the peacock are given water
Something like a strobile. Grows right from the ground.
A lot of trees, bushes and flowers that can't be seen in our north-west region, grow here.

For example, sequoia, cork tree, whangee, palms, cypress.

This tree is a tree without bark. If you touch it, it will leave marks like a burn injury on your skin. Many people do touch it :)
Also on the territory of the garden there is a cactus greenhouse with many different cacti.

Near the cacti, a choir of a dozen of copulating frogs sang bloating out their cheeks. The clamorous choir was very popular among visitors of the Nikitensky botanic garden.
Small and fragile cacti are in the greenhouse while huge and thick are in the open air.
Silent Yalta street.

But it's an exception. Everywhere we went we saw traffic jams that were worsened by the narrowness of streets.

There are many posh cars with local identification numbers.

It might be to know where you are when you crawl home.
(The note says: "We do. tel. 34 11 27")

Brevity is the soul of wit

Judging by the fact that only one piece of paper with a telephone number is left, many people want to know what "they do".

We almost ignored the beach.

It was too cold to swim (April-May), more over there were many dead jellyfishes.
We threw pebble in the sea for awhile and than went along the Black Sea quay.

There were a lot of people at the quay at evening, more than in Nevsky prospect. I cannot imagine what it's like in the summer.
There are a lot of entertainment for tourists. We bought some souvenirs (there were a lot of), rode rollercoaster, eat shashlik and went to sleep because next morning we had to go to the Bahchisarai.
We went to Bahchisarai by serpentine road through the Ai-Petri, right through the tableland on which we climbed by feet a day ago.

The road was dangerous in places, especially when oncoming cars went without thinking what the next turn can bring. Having climbed up we stopped for a lunch. We ate pilau watching Yalta and than went on to Bahchisara.

In the picture there's mountain stream, we came across on our way.

It is said that near Bahchisarai some of episodes of "Kavkazskaya plennitsa ("Caucasian captive", famous Russian movie of 60s) were shot.
Apricot or peach or other garden
In Bahchisarai

The Khan Palace is very distinctive, but we, spoilt by St Petersburg palaces, were not much impressed.

The guide said that a part of showpieces was previously taken to Hermitage.

Bahchisarai street

But I have to mention that there are many new buildings in Bahchisarai

Now we're going to see a monastery.
Svyato-Uspensky Orthodox monastery in rocks.

I nearly fell three times on the stairs and felt myself an ateist. Than I saw that the steps are of different height and their edges projected.

The icons are painted right on the rocks.
Previously there was a spring with clear water.

Now it's situated a bit lower and decorated more modest.

The monastery is a working one

Inside there are stacks of plastic bottles with branded label "Blessed water". Everything has been restored.

It's senseless to describe the beauty. It's better to see it with your own eyes.

It's interesting that churches in Crimea belong to Russian Orthodox Church while churches of other part of Ukraine belong to Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

I'm thinking of making an album about the St Petersburg - Moscow - Voronezh - Energodar - Yalta highway.



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