Wandering Camera

Album 97
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Today we'll visit Sergievka or rather - "Sergievka" estate of the Biological institute of SPb State University.


We'll start our walk from Angliyskaya(English) embankment (it's seen in the distance). New-Admiralty channel is in the left. Notwithstanding the name it was dug as early as 1717-1720 (after the Admiralty one).

Constructions in the right relate to Bobrinskiye palace.

If you turn 90 degrees to the left, you'll observe this scenery (from Khrapovitsky bridge). The river is Moyka. 
And now 180 degrees to any side..

Island itself is in the background; there is a boat with quite a grand name of "Commodore Cousteau" in the foreground :)

Moyka bends the island round in the right.
Architect V.A. Shreter private house at the corner of Moyka and Pisarev street.

Built in 1891 by the architect himself (or rather according to his project).

Some details.

By the way, there is masonic symbolism on the lower picture. However, I was suggested that Shreter himself was not a mason, simply symbolism looks similar:)

We'll walk around the island clockwise. Here you can see Admiralty channel (New-Admiralty one remains in the left) and a bridge with unknown name.
The same channel, the same bridge but viewed in the opposite direction
Road block which lets pass to the island.

Nowadays it (island and road block) is shared among military (Navy) and different commercial establishments.

Here Admiralty channel turns into Kruykov channel (in the left).

As I was suggested, oddly-white color of the frames is the showings of attempts to restore it in the first half of 1990s. We can only rejoice that restoration in this form was not continued.

Walking further along Kruykov channel.

Turning back to New Holland, in fact, have to say that since its formation (in 1720s) it was meant for the needs of Naval department..

…thus, brick buildings were used for storage and drying of ship timber (in vertical position to make it dry faster and to more easily get them out), and also they were used as shipbuilding facilities.
Five buildings among other in the island are architectural monuments.

The following participated in construction: S. Chevakinsky (1765 till 1780) and Vallen-Delamot (arc facing Moyka bank)

Formerly, during Peter the I times, a large lot was called New Holland, and only later this name was assigned to the island.
And this is snow. In the case if someone did not see it :)
Corner of Moyka(recedes into the left) and Kruykov channel (recedes into the right, to the distance).

Some similarity with appearance of Gostiny Dvor corner decoration is obvious. After all, it's the same architect (reminder - Vallen-Delamot)

Krasnoflotsky (Red Navy) bridge over Moyka.

Lamp belongs here as well. According to prominent cable scrap we can presume that some time long ago wiring was inside the lamppost..

Matveevsky (Mathew's) bridge over Kruykov channel
It's a pity that I did not take a picture of New Holland Arc itself (by an oversight). It's right in the right in the distance, facing Moyka. So, next time.. 

Sun will appear from behind the clouds in the next album. I promise you :) 


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