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Album 96
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Square with no name on the crossing of three streets - Novgorodskaya, 8th Sovetskaya and Starorusskaya.


There is a small park in the center of the square. "Building of the Red Cross society hospital of St. Eugenia" is situated in the background. Built in 1896-99, engineer is D.K. Prussak.
Fence of the park
This stalin times building ( Novgorodskaya, 5) was built according to architect A.V. Vasiliev, the author of Piskarevsky memorial, project.

Chimney-stalks relate to the factories behind the building, indeed.

"M.N. Polezhaev house" erected in 1913-1915.
Architect is I.I. Yakovlev.
Several appearance details. On the whole, buildings of that period are mostly interested for their niceties :)
The sign says: "Rozhdestvenskaya (Christmas) school". That's the building of the former Rozhdestvenskaya (Christmas) gymnasium, author of the building is A.N. Benua.
Building of the hospital is attached to the school.
Georgian church.

In the literature sources it appears under the name "church of Shestokovsky ascension nunnery branch"

Built by architect N.N. Nikonov in 1895-1900.

I was already congratulated with ability to choose weather for photography. Never mind, in the next album weather is not any better :) 


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