Wandering Camera

36th album
(Translated by Sergey A. Maslyakov)


As I mentioned before the previous album was the last one of the winter series. But before the spring takes the place I would like to bring to your attention the anthology of the pictures I made at different seasons but the main idea of all these pictures is the replacement of the cultural things with the views of the nature.


nov23_04.jpg (34195 bytes) Let's start from winter. These shots were made relatively near to the city.
The vault of the cave and hanging stalactite (stalagmite?) that you see here are just the icicles in the small hole. It was so small so it took some time to put the camera inside the hole. nov23_05.jpg (37144 bytes)
nov23_26.jpg (19407 bytes) Never-freezing brooklet.
Frozen flame. nov23_18.jpg (25276 bytes)
may03_15.jpg (39321 bytes) The flame of the bonfire melted the snow (after 5 months :) and the snowdrops rose on this place.
What is behind the turn? may03_28.jpg (23780 bytes)
may03_05.jpg (17354 bytes) Such unusual sky you may see in the reflection in the pool. The spot on the sun flows somewhere on his own "spotty" business.
Like the scene from the Bible. may03_32.jpg (11430 bytes)
jul08_19.jpg (35687 bytes) Here comes the summer. This shot and all following ones were made far away from the city and close to Ladoga lake.
The civilization has penetrated in this forest deep. I guess now you understand the meaning of the word "telegraph pole".
It is not a joke. The phone works! I should mention that when it is ringing it makes very special feeling.
jul08_23.jpg (11394 bytes)
aug21_17.jpg (20672 bytes) One of the local inhabitants is lying right opposite to this pole. Possibly, she is waiting for the call.
Here begins the world. How did Shevchuk say? "The world number zero!" aug21_16.jpg (19515 bytes)
aug21_19.jpg (17874 bytes) The rainbow in the village.
aug21_11.jpg (24111 bytes) aug21_10.jpg (26747 bytes)
Three stages of the solution of non-phylosophic problem: "how to get the food if the cup is narrow but the face is flat?" aug21_12.jpg (24335 bytes)
aug21_04.jpg (27617 bytes) The girl from Siberia. All her life before she thought that such fir-trees and dark forests do exist in the tales only.
The pathway along the lake coast. aug28_02.jpg (35023 bytes)
aug28_03.jpg (32612 bytes) ... and the coast by itself.
The coast too... In some way :) aug28_05.jpg (15505 bytes)
aug21_08.jpg (15231 bytes) The sunset over the village.
The cat in the sack. aug21_24.jpg (19511 bytes)
aug28_06.jpg (21068 bytes) And back to the city again.

I think this album will introduce some fresh stream into the story of our site. ;-)


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