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Peterhof - Alexandria park.


The map says that this building contains offices of the Department of Protected Territories. You can see that it has just gotten a new coat of white and yellow paint. :)
Nearby are the Kitchen and Grand Duchy buildings.
We're getting closer to the main park attraction.
This is the Cottage Palace, located not too far from the Gulf of Finland.
The Palace was built in 1826-1829 by architect Adam Menelas (Englishman who came to Russia when he was young and worked here for many years).

The palace was meant for the wife of Nicholas I, so that it has also been called "Her Majesty's Country Home."

As written in the original, the palace was built "in the style of an English country home."
During World War II, the building was heavily damaged.

At least two restorations have taken place - in 1978 and in the last few years.

Inside are over 200 paintings, as well as furniture, bronze, collections of glass and porcelain, etc.

I've never been able to go inside - either it's closed or I was hurrying somewhere…

View on the Gulf of Finland.
"Madonna with Child."

Sculptor - Ivan Vitali.

In the 1840s, a dining room with an open terrace and a marble fountain was added to the building by the architect Andrei Ivanovich Stakenschneider)
The shield and the sword in a wreath of roses is the coat of arms of the Alexandria park.

The coat of arms was the idea of Vasily Andreevich Zhukovsky.

The park is getting a facelift - a fence was built, the leaves are cleaned up, the buildings are slowly being repaired.

A few general words about the park:

Alexandria is located between the well-known Lower Park of Peterhof (separated by a wall), hotel Znamenka, the Gulf of Finland, and the highway.

If you're driving on the Peterhof highway from St. Petersburg, you will see a very long fence on your right, which has a small gate in the Gothic style. This is it.

The park takes up 115 hectares and resembles a well-tended forest with paths.

 In the time of Peter the Great, Alexandria was the property of Alexander Danilovich Menshikov and was called the "Country Home of Mon Courage" ("Mon Courage" - "My Courage")

After Menshikov was removed from power, the land become property of the Dolgorukij family (dukes), who treated it such that it became known as "Dolgorukij's empty place."

From 1733, this land is the property of empress Anna Ioanovna and was used as the tsar's hunting place. The name changes - first "Hunting Park" ("Jagdgarten"), then "Deer Menagerie."

In August 1825, Alexander I presented the land as a gift to the grand duke Nicholas - his brother. The park planning and building was done by the above-mentioned Adam Menelas, as well as F. Wendelsdorf, A. Gombel, and P. Erler.

Some of the structures were built in 1830-50 based on blueprints of A.I. Stakenschneider.

A few more photos are in the "City Snapshots" section - an interesting painting on a house on Shamshev Street.



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