Wandering Camera

Album 346
(Translated b
y Igor Studenkov)


Today, we'll walk from Petropavlovskaya Fortress to Winter Palace.


We start at the Kamennoostrovsky Avenue
Petrovskiye Gates
The domes of Petropavlosky Cathedral
Up ahead - the Minting Press
Bell tower of Petropavlovsky Cathedral behind the fir branches (or is it a
Shadow of the street light on the pillars of the cathedral.
We exit on the other side - torwards Kronverkskiy Strait

Kronverk (The Museum of Artillery)

The tour helicopter is coming in for a landing


My favorite rakurs ;)

(In the background  - Petropavlovsky beach and, further way, the
Winter Palace)

I wanted to show something... I'm just not sure it worked ;)

Issaciyevsky Cathedral, overlayed by the Rostral'naya Column

Just what we need - another "ship-restaurant"
At least we got a decent shot out of it.
If you were looking for Nevsky, 39, you're in luck ;)
Winter Palace - from the Admiralteystvo side
Up ahead - the Palace Square
By the fountain
I hear that autumn leaves can be easily perceived by PSZ [?] matrix.
The Headquarters Arch at the Palace Square - after the restoration.



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