Wandering Camera

Album 339
(Translated by Pavel Sokolov)


Finally, the last (for this summer) album about the White Nights.  A night walk through the Alexander Nevskiy Lavra


The night is rally white in these pictures.

The time is between 11 PM and midnight.

The Saint Trinity Cathedral

Blagoveshenskaya church is considered to be the oldest building of the Lavra (1717 – 1725, by D. Trezini)

A gate nearby.

Monastirka river.
In the distance are buildings on the other side of the Neva.

Along the Monastirka in the other direction…

North wing

I turned this picture upside-down.  I think it is more interesting this way. :)

At the end of building - North-west tower (Riznica).

The same



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