Wandering Camera

Album 338
(Translated by Pavel Sokolov)


Lets continue our White Night walk. In this album we will walk through the Field of Mars to the Neva and then along the embankment to the Palace Bridge.


Field of Mars, Pavlovskiy regiment barracks.

Ahead are the Eternal flame and the raised Trinity Bridge.

What looks like a cross on the top is actually a pole to hold electric wires for the trams ;)

People are warming up in the middle of the Revolutionary Struggle memorial, next to the Eternal flame. Its not that the night is cold, but it is late. And this way its much cosier.

We keep walking on to the Neva.

In front of us is the small Suvorov square with the corresponding monument

By the way, on the right is the Culture Academy building (they teach various creative professions, including theatre). I had been invited there to watch a theatre production, and it was quite an experience for a technical guy. I was impressed by the school itself as well. The students walk around in weird clothing carrying guitarsJ. I unwittingly compared it to the technical college, which I graduated from :)

For all that, the techies and the artists are different.

I was amazed how confusing the building is. They gave me a guide just so I dont get lostJ. The building is very old, and has been redesigned a number of times. LITMO and LATI cant compare to it by confusingness


We reached the Neva.

St. Peter and St. Paul Fortress

The raised Trinity Bridge from different angles.

On the other side, to the right of the Fortress we can see the TV tower (which is not lit, probably due to the white night) and the mosque.

The Palace Embankment.

The raised Palace Bridge is in the distance, and on the right is the Kunstcamera tower on the Vasilievskiy Island

Strictly speaking, the same things, but closer.

This is further to the right.

Newly built tall ship near the Exchange Bridge

The bridge over the Winter Ditch. It was interesting that in the picture on the left the lighting is still on, and in the one on the right ten minutes later the lights are already off.


The Vasilievskiy Island split. The Rostrum Columns. The Exchange..

To the right we can see the raised Tuchkov Bridge beyond the Exchange Bridge.

Waiting for the dawn


As usual I couldnt resist taking the classic pictures of the Palace Bridge.

The Lt. Schmidt Bridge.



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