Wandering Camera

Album 336
(Translated b
y Pavel Sokolov)


Today we will visit Krestovskiy Island and see a few post-revolution sport complexes and a couple of new apartment buildings nearby.


"Dinamo" sportcomplex (not to be confused with the stadium at the end of the album).
It is located at 16 Krestovskiy prospekt.

It was built in 1928 by architects O. L. Lyalin, Y. O. Svirskiy, U. V. Muharinskiy, I. E. Rojin, U. V. Schuko.

The signs say:

"Boxing Gym"

"Heavy weight gym"

"LOS "Dinamo"
Hunting and Fishing Department"

Next to the building there is a sports ground which is part of the sports complex.

The building behind it also dates back to the soviet times, but I am not certain of its purpose.


The guy on the left has a sign on his jacket "Dinamo".

Right across the street from the buildings pictured above is a brand new apartment building - 13 Krestovskiy prospect.
Even though the island is considered a recreation area; the apartments here are so expansive and the demand for them is so high, that despite all kinds of regulations, protests, and public opinion intensive residential building construction continues.
As is usual for buildings of this class, there is a secure perimeter and video cameras.
The building is reminiscent of buildings in Finland, though I am told it was built by OOO "Rosjilstroy".
Another recently build apartment block nearby.
"Dinamo" stadium at 44 Dinamo prospect.

By the way, this is a strange address. First, it is not quite on the Dinamo prospect, second, on the map it is preceded by number 26.

The signs on the memorial plaques:

"Here, on the "Dinamo" stadium
In the toughest days of the Nazi blockade
On May 31 1942 the Leningrad Dinamo
Playted a soccer game with the
Metal factory team."

"Dinamo team: A. Alov, M. Atushin, A. Viktorov, V. Ivanov, G. Moskovtsev, V. Nabutov, B. Oreskin, K. Sazonov, A. Fedorov, V. Fedorov, E. Ukitin
Metal factory team: P. Gorbachev, N. Gorelkin, A. Zyablikov, I. Kurenkov, A. Lebedev, B. Losev, G. Medvedev, A. Micshuk, I. Smirnov, N. Smirnov, A. Fasenko.
Referee - P. P. Pavlov."


The stadium itself.

Built in 1925 - 1934 by architects O. L. Lyalin and Y. O. Svirskiy.

Starting in 1965 the stadium was rebuilt by S. E. Evdokimov.

Another upscale apartment complex right across from the stadium entrance.

I wonder: was a similar building standing here before this one was built, or was this simply designed to look "antique".

70 Martinova embankment.

Srednyaya Nevka is nearby, hence the word embankment.

This is clearly an old building.

If we are to trust the map, this is a territory of the institute or factory "PlastPribor".

One more thing about Krestovskiy island: the Kirov stadium (which is inside a man made hill) is going to be demolished, and in its place a modern stadium will be built.



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