Wandering Camera

Album 334
(Translated b
y Straube)


Traditional photo collection at the end of the spring.


Rumyancev square near the Academy of Arts on Universitetskaya embankment.

A monument to field-marshal P.A. Rumyancev who became famous for his victories on Dunay river during the Russian-Turkish war. (He's got a prefix "Zadunayskiy" to his last name after this war).

The monument was created in 1799 by V. Brenna.

The inscription reads: "To Rumyancev's victories"

First it was placed on Marsovo field but in 1818 was transferred here. In 1866-1868 the square was laid out around. First it was called "Solovievsky" - after the merchant Soloviev who sponsored the work).
In 1939 the square with the garden was renamed after the Ukranian poet T.G. Shevchenko who studied in the Academy of Arts in 1838-1845.

Recently the square has been restored - the lawns has been laid out, the obelisk and other monuments have been refreshed.
The fence. View on the Neva. Project of N.N. Kovrigin.

As it says in the source "… in the pattern of the fence were used oriental motifs evoked by the Russian-Turkish war".

A monument to I.E. Repin.

Near by there is another one - to V.I. Surikov.

Both monuments were placed here in 1999.

Across the river there are Isaac Cathedral and Dekabristov square.
The Bronze Horseman.
Near the Bronze Horseman.
A view of Peter and Paul Fortress.
The "leftovers" from the wedding ;-)
The spit (Strelka) of Vasilievsky Island - Peter and Paul Fortress, the Rostral Columns.
Wedding on the spit.
Troitskaya Square (Revolution square).

The building of the Institute "Leninproject" (many Leningrad buildings were planned here) with adjoining house.
It was built in 1952-56 according to the project of O.I. Guriev, A.N. Lukin, A.L. Sherbenok.

The building was meant to be longer (by means of reconstruction of the House of political convicts which is situated to the right). But the project was not fulfilled.

The square in front of the building appeared in 1948 (architects - N.V. Baranov and O.I. Guriev).

Beside - a Commune house of society of political convicts.

Was built in 1929-1933. Architects - P.V. Abrosimov, G.A. Simonov, A.F. Hriakov.

To the 300 anniversary the house was refreshed - at least outside.

Nearby (on Petrovskaya embankment) - there is a floating restaurant.
And at last, several rural snapshots.


It's a pretty large settlement in 70 km to the north of St. Petersburg (in about an hour by commuter train).

This place is called "Green Hill". I think it's evident - why :)

In the next album - summer



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