Wandering Camera

Album 323
(Translated by Grif)


So, this is the last Lesnoy Prospekt album.


Lesnoy Prospekt, 13. Bobruyskaya Street goes to the left.

This building is V.N. Krestin's rental apartments. It was built in 1903-1904. Design by N.I. Ivanov. Was extended in 1915 by civil engineer N.I. Postnikov.

Across the street there is a stadium and old church converted to the sports school. But unfortunately they are all covered with the fence and scaffolds.

Number 9 on the left.

Rental's building designed by P.M. Mulkhanov in 1900-1901.

Number 3. Zelenin's house.

Achitect V.N. Zelenin, 1899.

Initials "VZ" (Cyrillic) certainly point to the owner's name.

OK, turn around.

Lesnoy Prospekt, 3

Built in 1930th.

Vyborgsky District Telephone Center. Lesnoy, 1.

The banner says "70 years to Vyborgsky District Telephone Center".

On other side of the street there are some indistinct commercial buildings.

Here Lesnoy Prospekt ends.

Actually it joins Academic Lebedev Street, which goes diagonally toward the Liteiny Bridge over Neva.

That contemporary building in the back is academic building of Russian Medical Military Academy.


We almost reached Finland Railway Station.

So I plan - at least for now - to finish with Lesnoy Prospect.



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