Wandering Camera

Album 322
(Translated by Grif)


Lesnoy Prospekt continued.


Rental apartments owned by E.L. Nobel.

1910-1912, architect F.I. Lidval.

Elements of decor.
Main entrance. Well, I guess it's former front door. Now they use door in the archway to enter the building.

(on the small photo you see it in 1910)


Old bricks.

The left one is clearly marked "NOB..." (from "NOBEL").

Very touchy: small rug outside by the door to the staircase.
Here we went through the archway.

This nameless street goes to Big Sampsonievsky Prospekt.

Residential buildings of Nobel Factory were here.

Block 1-2 (1906) by architect R.F. Meltser.
Block 3-6 (1893-95) by architect V.A. Shreter.

Now turn around and look at the building from its back side.

What can you tell? It's not as pretty as its front. ;)

It just reminded me that someone asked why the outside elevators were added to these old buildings starting only from the second floor?

The answer is quite simple: the little space allowed either to cover the door on the 1st floor or the row of windows.

And we'll have one more album about the Lesnoy Prospekt...


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