Wandering Camera

Album 315
(Translated b
y Straube)


A little bit about our life. How we celebrate winter coming :)


As I've already mentioned in one of my previous albums, now they started breaking ice on Neva in order to prevent people walking across the river (if the nearest bridge is too far away).

It would be good to find the statistics but I think it made things worse - people try to shorten their way anyway but broken ice makes it harder and more dangerous.

And the fishermen definitely don't like it.
Though the conditions for the latter are close to ideal here.

This place is not as extreme as the ice of the Gulf where they sometimes have to balance on separated blocks of ice often along with their cars.

All snapshots are taken between the Troitsky and Dvortsovy bridges.

You can see the Hermitage in the background.

It seems that they offer "bait" here : It reminds me the character of the cartoon when the fox advised the wolf to use his tale as a fishing rod. Looks very similar
Here they settled down right at the bank.
Those who don't have fishing equipment test their luck trying to cross the water barrier.

I even recorded the whole process step-by-step.

It wasn't very exciting to wait till the last person reaches the safe ground. Let's assume that he managed to do so…
Another alternative is skiing, though it's not as thrilling of course.




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