Wandering Camera

Album 314
(Translated b
y Natasha)


We continue sightseeing of neighbourhoods of LIFMO.
Unfortunately I almost do not have the information about the buildings which are mentioned in this album. I hope some of you will help me to identify them :)


Voskov's Street, No 16 on the left behind the trees.
It is Sablinskaya Street, No 12 on the right nearby. (Built in 1875. The architect is Maas).
It is Voskov's Street, No 16 closely.

Missis Gurov's profitable house. Built in 1906-1907.
The architect is Dimitrato. Reconstructed in 1912-1913.

It is Sablinskaya Street, No 10 on the right.

The architect is Nosalevitch. Built in 1901-1902.

Kropotkin's Street, No 19

It was built for the merchant Frenkel by the architecture academician Shaub in 1911-1912. There is not almost a decor on this building in contrast to the other art nouveau buildings.

The building has different height because of the rule that the height of the building was not allowed to be more that the width of the street. The highest part of the building has the maximum height which was allowed at that time. It is 11 sazhens (77 foot).


There is a part of the same building on the right (Kropotkin Street, No 19).

A building with a turret which is on the distance is Malaya Pushkarskaya Street, No 20. (The street goes to the right).

On the left there is Sablinskaya Street, No 5.

It seems that the one more new first-class accommodation has been built here in the enclosed court recently.
But from the windows it quite may be not the accommodation or not only the accommodation.
Here is the end of Sablinskaya Street. Bolshaya Pushkarskaya Street is seen ahead.

The building on the right is Bolshaya Pushkarskaya, No 23.

Bolshaya Pushkarskaya, No 32.
It is the same place, but in the other direction.
This building with turret in the form of the cone is Pushkarskaya, No 34. The architect is Boguskiy. Built in 1911.
Gatchinskaya Street goes to the left.
STCCEE "ISEP" (The Scientific-Technical Centre of Certification Electrical Equipment "ISEP").

Good name.
It is interesting how the organisation is introduced by phone :)

Bolshaya Pushkarskaya, No 24.
The next building is Bolshaya Pushkarskaya, No 22. It is Pushkarskie Bani (the public baths) (formerly Ovchinnikov's Bani).
Built in 1875-1877 according to the project of the architect Syuzor. Extended in 1880 according to the project of the architect Solov'ev.

Probably the pipe belongs to the baths.

The arch and the enclosed court on the other side of the street.
Voskov's Street, No 1. It is the Musical Teacher's Training College No 3.
It was built in 1902 for the Asylum of the Holy Mother's Community. The architect is Kozlov.

The church was attached to the building in 1913-1915. The architect is Balinskiy.

The same building. The next one is Voskov's Street, No 3.
It is somewhere beside the previous building. Possibly it is Markin's Street.

It looks like constructivism.

I offer again to look some pictures from Moscow. Now it is about the skyscraper Alie Parusa (Scarlet Sails).



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