Wandering Camera

Album 299
(Translated b
y Natalia)


Yes, I agree that the subject of this album seems quite strange. But it seems just because of it's name. As a matter of fact, that Abrasive factory "Ilyich" is situated in a very picturesque place and also inside the old pre-revolutionary blocks, including wooden.


The factory is situated at Chiornaya Rechka embankment (in the picture it's righter and a bit behind) and blocks goes to Kantemirovskaya str. side.

The big building of 1970-ies - is a Scientific research institute or a factory of art paints.

Some pre-revolutionary (private) house.

By the way, I'm going to explain - what is the name "Chiornaya Rechka" ("Black River")

As it written, in ancient times, the channels with marsh, stagnant water called "Black". For the clear reasons. There were few "Black Rivers" in the city (Ekateringofka, Volkovka, Monastyrka, Smolenka). Now the only one remains. But, in Leningrad region (if we'll go to the north) there's one more "Chiornaya Rechka" (I've seen it by myself :)

The TV-Tower is not far from here (it is behind the Bolshaya Nevka).
But let's get back to the factory. This is a block that goes right to the embankment.

Krasnogvardeisky side-street, 23

The writing on the neighbour building says: "1878-1895"
If this is the factory management, then it's built in 1897 by F.K. fon Privitz. Dates are not really coordinated.

The factory exists since 1878. The first owner of it was N.N.Strook. At that days it called "First Russian Factory of emery products " 

We'll go along the factory, by Krasnogvardeisky side-street.
At the left, at the factory area we can see this wooden building, some kind of "dacha" (country house).
F.K. fon Privitz has built a house and factory blocks for N.N.Strook in1899-1905. Factory blocks were finished by architectors fon Vilken and A.Beme in 1895 and 1905-1912.

I don't know exactly what to say about this wooden building

This reminds me about "joint-stock company named in honour of Karl Marx" near Finland railway station :

If they would live to this, probably they'd laugh their heads off.

A weather-vane on the roof of the building

Obviously pre-revolutionary.

So far as the factory named "Ilyich", the monument must be there too.
By the carefully picked out letters - they were from bronze
Bench for rest of employees.

Urn similar to a vase
Or maybe - the opposite.

The fence is also old.
On the left and further there are unsightly blocks, built in 1930-50

Though something old comes across

These factory blocks belongs to the Iron-works factory of Eckwal
Re-built by Lideval in 1899 and 1906

One more monument of architecture
In a modernist style, with a vegetative ornament (By the way, in French such vegetative style calls "Art Nouveau" - from the gallery name.)

This is a private-house of K.K. Eckwal. It is constructed under the project F.Lideval and S.Belyaev.

The fence and the gates are modern

As usual - if anybody knows something about noticed buildings - e-mail me!

The building next to the exit to Kantemirovskaya str., on the right. Built in the beginning of XX century.
It's yet not at the factory "Ilyich" area
Suppose, this is the former Gromovsky shelter, built by P.Suzor in 1880.

Now we're finishing with abrasive factory. In next album we'll go out to Bolshaya Nevka and take some pictures there.



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