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Today we'll take a walk from Svetlanovskaya square to Chiornaya Rechka.
Moreover, by the quite strange way.


Svetlanovskaya square. Projected in 1960-ies, the architector of some buildings is V.F.Belov.

It's really difficult to take a good picture of the square - there're always lots of cars and huge billboards are everywhere.

The building in the middle - is radio engineering technical school.

The writing is seen in the right: "At a smell of gas call 04"

From the square we shall pass a little along a branch line between Udelnaya and Lanskaya railway stations.
It's curious to see the small huts between the new districts…
...the new-built…
...and the old ones.
Ordinary-looking building, maybe even the shed.But with decorations on it! :)
Quite romantic traffic lights
Good name for the garage co-operative, that situated between branch lines. :)

" Collective parking place
'MEZHPUTIE' ("Between the branch lines")

As one of the readers writes, long ago it was a very prestige co-operative.

Because of it's place, there were plans to demolish it. But, as we can see, it's still here.

This building on the contrary of Pionerskaya subway station (corner of prospect Ispytatelei and Kolomyazhsky) is finished not long ago.
Quite typical situation for modern Petersburg (and not only Petersburg) - the station is overloaded, it's even closing for some hours in mornings an evenings. Nevertheless, the new buildings and trading centers still raising around, that makes situation worse and worse…

The reasoning for it in mass-media is very interesting. They say that buildings are built so close to each other, because in other case " The ground and communications are used inefficiently" :) It calls now "the sealing building". Of course, people who lives here, sometimes walk away to protest, organising demonstrations against some buildings. But then they hear the answer: "OK, we won't build it!". The people go back home and the building goes on again.
Omskaya str.

In the distance, near Lesnaya subway station, the huge building is seen. It's "ÍÏÏ Ðàäóãà".

Typical kindergarten, Omskaya str.20

Houses built in 1960-ies

Figures of animals over the entrance.
Some man thrown down the hose from his flat's window on the first floor and now washes his car :)

(It's not him in the picture, I guess it's his son).

I haven't seen for a long time that the milk is sold from barrels.
But maybe I just didn't notice…


"Collective farm VUOKSA"

The collective farms became joint-stock companies now, but they still names as "collective farms" very often.

There're so many ways to embody an industrial landscape. I like this picture very much (If I won't praise myself, then who will?.. : ).
"Stalin" building on Serdobolskaya str.
Probably, it's the technical training college or a school.
Building #26 on Beloostrovskaya str. (goes to the right).
"Stalin" building on the crossroad of Serdobolskaya str and Beloostrovskaya str.

Don't know exactly, what's it used for. Scientific research institute or something like that.

Silent place…

Beloostrovskaya str. 25

The profitable house, built in 1910-1911, author is technician V.Danilov.

Beloostrovskaya str. 23
And this is - Lisichanskaya, 6

The profitable house, built in 1912-1913. Began by V.A.Teremovsky, finished by N.S.Rezviy

If anybody doesn't know, such lifts attached outside to old buildings (if they have 6 floors or more), when it's impossible to build the lift inside. The foreigners may think, that it's made just for beauty, to watch the landscapes - just like in modern hotels :)

I'm also prompted that from the end of XIX century expensive houses have already started to equip with lift mines




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