Wandering Camera

Album 287
(Translated b
y Michael Tarley, Jr.)


Let's continue our tale of the Iversky monastery. As I promised the photos in this album will mostly be about the life at the monastery.


A very expressive "brick" directly between the car and bus parking lot and the monastery.

In the background is the Konnaya (Gomyselskaya) (Horse) tower and monk cells (19th century).

An "undocumented" entrance to the monastery.

Also known as the North Gate (19th century).

... and through the gate - a view of the pier.

These are no monks, of course. :)

A wooden superstructure over the guest cells - likely a work of modern architects :)
A couple of brand new porches.
A passage to the lake.
The Uspensky Cathedral - certainly the most beautiful structure at the monastery.
People leaving the Cathedral. Some are pilgrims, others - just tourists.
Very symbolic: a "Belarus" tractor next to a birch tree.
"Brothers and Sisters! Do not litter!"
The backyard.

Furthermost is the Kvasovarennaya (Kvas-brewery) tower (18th century); at the right is the tower over the Kuznechny (smith) gate (18th century).

A few graves.

As I understand it, these people died in auto accident. One or two were atheists. A priest from the monastery argued with the relatives to burry the bodies here. He got them.
To the left is the Church of Jacob of Borovichi with a dinning hall and infirmary (built in 1702-1708).

To the right is a grave chapel (end of 19th century)

A greenhouse, a cabbage patch, and a "water tower" with a ladder.
I can.t make out what is growing next to the cabbage. Possibly squash.
And further to the right is an outhouse. Standard model. :)

My guess is the greenhouse on the left was purchased. The one on the right must be homemade.

And now - a bit about the monastery's fauna.

There are some chickens.

A horse.
A goat and a cow. The presence of the latter deduced from secondary evidence.
Atop one of the monastery.s towers is an eagle - clearly a state symbol and not just any bird. My first instinct was to wonder how it got there, but then I recalled that there are eagles over the Savior-on-Blood at St. Petersburg.

I am told here that the eagle.s presence is further justified by the Iversky Icon having been considered a guardian of the House of Romanov.

The road from the monastery off the island.




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