Wandering Camera

Album 271
(Translated b
y Ekaterina Ivanova)


To conclude the set of albums about Finland, I would like to offer to your
attention two main tourist sights of Hameenlinna city - a tower and a


Hameenlinna is a small town with a population of 44,000 people. It is
located about 100 km away from Helsinki, near a Vanayavesi lake.
Near by on the parking lot, such a car was noticed. It has a licence plate "ANN-1", which suits the appearance of this car so well. :-)

Commentary by Michail:
Just to note, the standard licence plate in Finland consists of three letters and three digits; black on white. If the licence plate that you see is the other way around - similar to those in USSR years ago - white on black, then usually the car is a retro or antique, and it had received its licence plate before the modern standard was introduced. Besides standard plates, there are "commercial" plates - for an extra fee at a time of registration one can get a licence plate with a different amount of letters and digits. In Finland, it is considered to be very prestigious to have licence plates which form a name - for example, once I saw a young lady in a limousine, whose licence plate red "JOK-I", i.e. "PETITE RIVER". ;-)

The tower was built in XIX century, so it could not have functioned in defence. Yet, it looks highly impressive.
Here you can see the name of the architect and the date when the tower was built.
Inside the tower there is a staircase which leads to the top. (Free of charge).
Somewhere in the middle, there is a landing (resting area) equipped with chairs and a table.

The design of the furniture is very interesting: apparently it is made of trees' roots.

View from the observation area at the top.
Nearby there is a sculpture, portraying a group of bears. The construction matearial is probably stone, but it has cracks in it, so it gives a feeling that it is a bear's skin.
The symbol of Hameenlinna town - fortress Hame.
The construction of the fortress began in XIII. Later it was built and rebuilt many times; it is very evident from the combination of stone and brick.
XVIIIth century - external rampart around the fortress (on the top picture).
Towers - middle ages.
Walls around the towers - XVI-XIX centuries.

Former municipal prison is attached to the fortress (is not visible on pictures).

Buildings across the river from the fortress.
The artillery museum is nearby, as well.
This is a "hot", new hobby of Finns - "sport-walking with poles". When one walks, leaning on the poles, equal force is exerted on every part of the body...kind of. :-)
Impressing sight, especially against the clouds.




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