Wandering Camera

Album 270
(Translated b
y Greg Gemerer)


And now, after the newly constructed modern buildings, a little about a different part of Helsinki.
The commentary, for the most part, is from Mikhail Pyarnyanen.


This place is called "the Old City" (Vankha Kaupunki)

The street running over the bridge is called Viikintie. In this district, ancient stone and wooden houses are preserved and maintained, and there is also a lot more vegetation.

It is presumed that the city was founded precisely here, and from here it developed. This is not the center, but actually more like the periphery of modern Helsinki. The little house you see in the photo is situated on a small island: the river in its estuary flows around into two branches. In ancient times there was first a water mill here, and then a small factory operated near this dam.
This is the factory building on the other side of the dam - this building housed the workshops. Now a technology museum is located on the premises and the surrounding territory.

The premises and grounds are full of exhibits; ancient machine-tools and presses and other devices of the kind. By the way, if you take the road further past these museum sites, in a couple of kilometers or so you will come to another historical locale - the place where the composition that has now become the Finish national anthem was first performed. Now this little square has a small monument. The anthem was original written as a Finish students' song :-)

Another exhibit of the technology museum. It is likely that this was once installed on a trolley (now it's upside down). The most modern exhibit that we saw - a large transformer from an electric power station, bristling with insulators.
Yes, this river is called Vanta. The little island with two channels - in the rivers very estuary. This photo shows the second of the river's branches, which is not impeded by a dam.
But here the bottom is rocky and full of rapids.
Trout swim along it (against the flow) to spawn. The rest of the time lovers of fishing often sit here. All around there are signs that fishing without a license is prohibited. You even need it for a simple fishing rod, but it doesn't cost that much and is easy to get. From time to time, an inspector walks along these places; he can demand a license from any fisherman he meets along the shore - if it's not produced there will be a fine.
To make spawning more interesting, stones cemented together have been laid across the river in certain places :)


If we look in the direction of the gulf from the site of the technology museum - in front of us in all its beauty appears the new, large pedestrian/bicycle bridge, built two years ago. It connects two park zones. Near by there is a place of interest to ornithologists - to the left, if you take this bridge, you will come to a forested area where thousands of small migratory birds flock (they make a short stopover to rest). The birds are ringed there in the spring.




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